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Are you a visionary Act 20 or Act 60 decree holder? Your journey can be more than just financial prosperity – it can be a catalyst for positive change in Puerto Rico.

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Act 22 & Act 60: Choose First Tee Puerto Rico!

The Power of Your Donation:

Act 20 and Act 60 decree holders, we understand your commitment to Puerto Rico and its incredible tax incentives. When you choose to give to First Tee Puerto Rico, your annual donation of $10,000 (divided into two $5,000 contributions) can make a profound difference in the lives of young Puerto Ricans.

Act 22 Decree Holders: For those who already have an Act 22 decree, rest assured, your annual donation requirement hasn’t increased. By donating at least $5,000 to our certified nonprofit, you’ve fulfilled the Act 22 maintenance requirement.

Act 60 Decree Holders: If you’re an Act 60 decree holder, the $10,000 donation may seem like a commitment, but the impact is immeasurable. You have the freedom to choose which nonprofit organization to support, and we invite you to join us at First Tee Puerto Rico, where we are molding the leaders of tomorrow.

Donate today to First Tee Puerto Rico

Why Choose First Tee Puerto Rico?

1. Building Game Changers: First Tee Puerto Rico is not your ordinary nonprofit. We are on a mission to empower the next generation of leaders, innovators, and game changers. Through the incredible game of golf, we instill life-changing character-building lessons in our youth.

2. Unleash Their Potential: By seamlessly integrating golf with essential life skills, we help kids and teens uncover their inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience. We provide them with the tools they need to succeed in life, school, college, and beyond.

3. Safe, Supportive, and Empowering: Our trained coaches create a nurturing environment where your generous donation directly impacts children in the Puerto Rican community. Your support not only enhances their golf skills but also empowers them to become well-rounded individuals.

4. Lifelong Skills: When you choose First Tee Puerto Rico, you’re investing in more than just golf. Kids in our program learn valuable life skills, including emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, goal setting, future planning, and appreciating diversity. Plus, they master golf fundamentals and advanced techniques.

Donate today to First Tee Puerto Rico

Your Giving, Their Future:

Your generous contribution to First Tee Puerto Rico goes beyond tax benefits. It transforms the lives of Puerto Rican youth, giving them the opportunity to develop valuable skills, discover their potential, and become the best version of themselves.

Join Us in Making a Difference: Become a part of the Puerto Rican golf community and help us build game changers. Choose First Tee Puerto Rico as your nonprofit of choice. Let’s shape a brighter future for the children of this beautiful island.

Make Your Mark Today: Contact us to learn more about how your donation can empower Puerto Rico’s youth and create a legacy of positive change. Together, we can unlock their potential and make a real impact on the Puerto Rican community.

Give back to the community that has welcomed you with open arms. Choose First Tee Puerto Rico and empower the next generation of leaders.

Donate today to First Tee Puerto Rico

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