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How We Are “Building Game Changers”

Thanks to our supporters, coaches, volunteers, board members, and staff, we have been able to provide and expand our programs, delivering free-of-cost golf lessons integrated with our life-skills curriculum to children and teens all around Puerto Rico. Check out our impact.

2023 Newsletters

Our Commitment to Transparency

See more details about our goals, strategies, finances, capabilities, achievements and progress on GuideStar where we received the Platinum Seal of Transparency evidencing our commitment to transparency.

To read more about us, check out our profile on GuideStar.

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Our Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to The Par-5 Friday Newsletter, where golf enthusiasts and supporters of First Tee Puerto Rico come together for an unparalleled golfing experience! This isn’t just a newsletter; it’s a celebration of the sport, community, and the incredible transformations happening on and off the golf course. Stay in the swing of things with our First Tee program updates, get the latest scoop on Puerto Rican golf news, groove to our Golf Course Jam of the Week, find inspiration in the Quote of the Week

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